AT&T Releases 3G MicroCell

AT&T announced the launch of its 3G MicroCell, a femtocell(INFO)
router that connects to a customer’s home broadband internet
connection in order to increase indoor 3G reception quality. It works
with up to four users at once, people hitting 3G sites at maximum
speed all at the same time will log up many low-rent DSL or cable
The three other nationwide wireless carriers all have their own
network-extending solutions. T-Mobile has the best deal, though it
only works with some phones. Their Hotspot@Home system works without
additional hardware, on any Wi-Fi hotspot you can get access to around
the world. That’s especially good for world travelers.
Sprint’s and Verizon’s solutions fall behind AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s in
flexibility. Sprint’s $100 AIRAVE is currently out of stock and only
supports 2G speeds, according to Sprint’s Web site. Verizon’s insanely
overpriced Network Extender costs $250 and doesn’t support 3G data.
Remember: you’re paying them $250 to do them a favor by taking traffic
off their towers.
The device and service are expected to launch in other markets soon,
though a mostly detailed AT&T information page for the 3G MicroCell
makes no mention of availability except for in Charlotte.
The news is nearly in line with rumors we wrote about back in April
that said the device would cost roughly $200 and would appear in late


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