Baby Eczema - 3 Reasons Your Baby Might Be Suffering from Eczema

By Tess Rainey

This article will discuss baby eczema and 3 reasons your baby might be suffering from eczema. It may be a common symptom, but it is also a very bothersome one that can be extremely difficult to deal with. The three reasons below will help you identify the cause of your baby's symptoms.

1. Food allergies: Usually when you hear of food allergies, people think of an immediate response. Very rarely do people associate a subtle delayed symptom to a problem with a food. However a headache, sinus congestion, even eczema can be delayed responses of a food allergy.

Wheat and dairy are common food allergens, but others exist and can include soy, tomatoes or even sugar. Removing foods that might be causing you or your baby a problem and reintroducing them separately will help you identify the possible cause of the baby eczema.

2. Pet Allergies: Allergy symptoms can show up in many different ways. Common symptoms are sneezing, itchy eyes and nasal congestion, but they can present themselves in other forms as well, including eczema. Going through allergy testing is the best way to find out if your baby is allergic to an animal.

3.Environmental Irritants: Underlying causes of baby eczema can include allergies to detergents, cigarette smoke, or even household dust. Allergy testing can help identify if any of your child's symptoms are caused by these types of irritants. You can also keep a log of what your baby is exposed to if you don't want to take them in just yet to be tested.

To prevent issues with some of these products, use hypo-allergenic detergents and mild cleansers.

This article discussed baby eczema and 3 reasons your baby might be suffering from eczema. Hidden food allergies, a pet allergy or even environmental irritants can cause the dry, itchy skin that your poor little one suffers from. Remove some of these factors and the baby eczema might completely disappear.

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