What Colour Lingerie Should I Be Buying, Black Or Red Lingerie For The Boudoir In 2010

By Gemma Bentley

The question, when it comes to buying lingerie for the boudoir, should it be red or black lingerie, arises due to a recent new study in 2010 that has challenged the belief that red is the sexiest colour preferred for lingerie.

Over half of British men say red lingerie is their least favourite colour lingerie and they really prefer to see their partner in dark vampire black. Yet nearly two thirds of women think their men would like to see them in red lingerie.

The new 2010 study has challenged the myth about men, women and their lingerie colour choice. Red was always thought to be the sexiest lingerie colour, but it is no longer the case in 2010 according to the British males.

Often chosen as a valentines day boudoir gift, racy red lingerie is now shown to be a big turn off by British men according to the 2010 study. More than half the men questioned put red lingerie as their least favourite colour, with nearly 20% giving pink the no-no, and 11% saying thumbs down to flesh tone underwear.

This goes against 60% of women's idea that they bought red lingerie to impress their men because they liked it, not so black is favorite followed by white lingerie. This of course could be a blessing in disguise, white or black lingerie would make a far more practical purchase.

A fashionable black or white lingerie garment could be worn on far more occasions as underwear or fashionable outerwear. For example a lacy boudoir body could be worn with a floaty skirt or show it off underneath an oversized top, You could pair a corset with leggings and go out clubbing or to a party or with trousers, jeans or skirt for a more casual night out, but they can equally be worn in the boudoir.

So lingerie is gorgeous and sexy, as overwear to go to a party or clubbing, or in the boudoir for your partner, it can be worn at anytime, not just in the bedroom.

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