SmartLipo - The new era of liposuction

By Jamie McKaye

Advantages Of Selecting Smartlipo Procedures

Smartlipo is a new, advanced method of removing fat from specific areas of the body. The method involves the use of highly sensitive laser technology that has been designed and built specifically for this purpose.

The non-invasive method involves using a laser over the area of concern which breaks up fat and encourages the development collagen. The use of the laser equipment involved in this technique was approved by the FDA in the USA in 2006.

The laser used for the procedure emits heat which dissolves fat cells within the focused area of treatment. This is not a painful procedure and requires only a local anesthetic and a small incision through which the laser is introduced. As the laser melts the fat cells they form a residue which can be up to 3500ml during a single appointment.

Because the laser focuses on small areas, the sagging skin that normally follows liposuction is greatly reduced. In most cases the skin will tighten quickly following the procedure as the collagen is increased and oily residue is eliminated from the body.

There are two methods for removing the oily substance that remains when the fat has been dissolved by the laser. Many times the residue is naturally eliminated from the body, however if a patient desires this residue can be removed at the time of the procedures. Removal of fat residue is accomplished using suction equipment. It should be noted however that whether the residue is eliminated naturally or manually, the healing time has been shown to be the same.

Unlike standard liposuction the risks of injury during this procedure are greatly reduced. Since the procedure is non-invasive there is no damage to blood vessels or muscles. There is no blood loss since Smartlipo involves only a small incision and does not include invasive surgical techniques. The use of the laser promotes coagulation which also decrease the possibility of bleeding near or around the area that is being treated.

An appointment for treatment lasts less than one hour for most individuals. The healing process is relatively short, usually not over five days. An individual can have a treatment and return to work within a day in most cases. The minor after effects may include bruising and minor swelling. As the bruising and swelling diminish one will notice a change in their skin tone and it will appear much healthier.

The results of treatment may begin to show soon after the procedure, but in most cases the complete results are not seen for one to two months after treatment. If a procedure does not give the desired results it can be repeated after six months in most cases.

While the procedure will remove fat pockets effectively an individual must maintain a proper diet and exercise program to keep the fat from returning. In some cases individual continue an unhealthy lifestyle after treatment which results in a build-up of fat in those areas where it was removed.

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